A 19 year old boy put Windows 95 into the browser 大唐女医生活录

A 19 year old teenager put Windows 95 into the browser, probably Windows 95 is really old, and may be the development of science and technology is too fast, now, the browser can also run Windows 95. If you open the ajf.me page, you’ll find this is the personal site of Andrea Faulds, and it’s this 19 year old student that makes Windows 95 run in the browser. Under the domain name of win95.aif.me, Andrea Faulds gave a more detailed explanation of the project. In simple terms, he with the help of a emscripten simulator to C + + code is compiled into JavaScript, and then let the user do not need to install other plug-ins directly in the browser experience Windows 95. See here, you should also want to experience, in fact, just click on the page of the huge "Start Windows 95" button, the project will start. However, Andrea Faulds also suggests that you need to wait a little longer because you need to download a 47MB mirror file, so if your speed is poor. As an amateur project, this web site that lets you run Windows 95 in your browser is not 100% stable. For example, if you’re using a IE browser, the emulator crashes; even if you’re not using a IE browser, you might encounter problems that haven’t been loaded for a long time. For the users who have used Windows 95, the biggest meaning of the project may be to make you nostalgic, after all, today you don’t want to find a Windows 95 mirror installed on your own computer.

一位19岁的少年把Windows 95“装”到浏览器里   可能是Windows 95真的很老了,也可能是科技发展的太快,如今,浏览器中也能运行Windows 95了。   如果你打开ajf.me这个网页,会发现这是Andrea Faulds的个人站点,而正是这位 19 岁的学生让Windows 95运行在了浏览器中。   在win95.aif.me这个域名下,Andrea Faulds对这个项目做了比较详细的解释。简单来说,他其借助了一款名为emscripten的模拟器把C++代码编译成JavaScript,然后让用户无需安装其它插件就能直接在浏览器中体验Windows 95。   看到这里,你应该也想体验一下,其实只需要点击网页上那个巨大的“Start Windows 95”按钮,项目就会启动。不过,Andrea Faulds也提示说由于需要下载一个47MB的镜像文件,所以如果你的网速不佳的话,可能需要多等一会儿。   作为一个业余项目,这个让你在浏览器里跑Windows 95的网页并不是100%稳定可靠。比如来说,如果你用的是IE浏览器,那么模拟器就会崩溃;即便用的不是IE浏览器,也有可能会遇上网页很久都没发加载完毕的问题。   对于那些使用过Windows 95的用户来说,这个项目最大的意义或许就是让你怀旧用的,毕竟今天你可不会想去找个Windows 95镜像安装到自己的电脑上。相关的主题文章:

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